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About WOW Chiropractic – your West Edmonton Chiropractor

WOW Chiropractic is a unique multi-disciplinary clinic in the west end of Edmonton. WOW Chiropractic offers chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, orthoticsmassage and laser therapy all under one roof. Dr. Patricia Andrews believes that multiple health disciplines should work together to help you achieve your health goals faster. Thank you for considering us as your West Edmonton chiropractor! We warmly welcome new patients to our office!

Since 1998, Dr. Andrews has committed herself to educating patients on the benefits of chiropractic care and the other health disciplines that can help you. Patients seeking treatment at WOW Chiropractic with Dr. Patricia Andrews are assured of receiving only the finest quality care and the best customer service in Edmonton. Dr. Patricia Andrews and her staff have a genuine concern for your well-being!

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  • My newborn was having trouble nursing on one side after a fast birth. My baby improved within a few days of the first session and two more sessions helped increase quality of sleep and a reduction of crying. I never would have thought of needing chiropractic for a child that had a fast birth.

    Heather B
  • I am so grateful to Dr. Andrews. I don't have pain everyday or have my leg falling asleep all the time. The only reason I found out that I had a protruding disc was because Dr. Andrews wrote my GP requesting an MRI. My doctor did not believe that my pain was real until the results of the MRI showed that I had a protruding disc. That finally happened two years after my car accident. She's always willing to take the time and bring out the dummy spine to explain to me what's going on and to answer my questions.

  • Please pass on my humble thanks to Dr. Patricia Andrews, not only for her adjustments to me during my time of severe pain but also on the education she provided regarding spinal health, exercises, etc. I have recommended her to many colleagues because she has been the best Chiropractor I have been to. She is truly fantastic!! Many thanks to all in your office for their most excellent level of service and professionalism.

    Scott H